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Tabernacle Model

This full-size model of the tabernacle is primarily for educational purposes. A walk-through of the Outer Court and the Tabernacle Proper will give an objective understanding of the Tabernacle. The description of the biblical and historical perspectives of the tabernacle will help to know how it points to the promised Messiah in Jesus Christ.

Holy Land Model

The campus features a 140ft by 70ft size model of the Holy Land that has been scaled to 1 mile per foot on ground. Experience the physiographic divisions of the Biblical land, get to know the significant places, and familiarize yourself with the topographic features by walking on the model. It will enhance your understanding of the Bible like never before.

Noah's Ark​ Model

Enter the one-third of the size model of the Ark built by Noah in the Bible, a structure that measures 150 feet long, 25 feet wide and 45 feet high. The model houses relatively life-like animals in one third of its arena, making the remaining area an ideal place for an auditorium (Vijayam Auditorium).

Garden Tomb

A life-size model of Jesus’ tomb as in Jerusalem, famously called the Garden Tomb, is one of the attractions. Besides knowing how Jesus’ tomb would have been, it enhances the understanding of burial and resurrection narratives in the Bible. Amidst an open lawn and a few outdoor benches, it is a perfect place for quiet meditation.